Sport massage

At the Clinique Jeanie Rahal, we now all about sport massage! This service stimulates blood circulation, prepares the muscle for exertion, promotes faster healing, and reduces the risk of injury. This massage facilitates regular training, gets rid of fatigue, and diminishes the stress related to training.

Our team of sports massage therapists is available for you on appointment, even on weekends. Contact us to discuss with our advisors and be guided to the care that best suits your needs.

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For athletes participating in competitions, specific sessions can be suggest. Sports massage could be recommended:

  • 4 weeks before a competition for adjustments
  • 5 hours before the event for stimulation and muscle preparation
  • The day after a competition to help recovery.

Our Rates

30min / 66,53$
60min / 99,15$
75min / 117,42$
90min /130,47$

Massage therapy is taxable

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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